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Staying Ignant to Own the Libs

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You might think I enjoy skewering idiots with their own words, but I really don’t. It’s depressing to listen to people like this woman, and realizing there are MILLIONS just like her because their echo chamber is deafening to any outside logic. We need to constantly fact check and debunk these douchebags to avoid another fascist fiasco that happened in 2016.

“How you’re OK being controlled by the government” – I know, right? I mean, next thing you know they will be requiring us to take a test and obtain an ID for operating a vehicle, and I bet stealing a portion of our paychecks to pay for public services is right around the corner. If you’re THAT concerned about being controlled by the government, maybe you should stop making TikTok videos on that device that’s communicating regularly with the closest cell tower.

“Covid’s getting so bad. Ok, Biden, shut the damn border then.” – Umm, six days after he was elected, there was a new policy implemented for all travelers coming into the United States to show proof of a negative Covid-19 test. That point aside, the real Covid hot spots are in red states where folks seem to not trust the medical community enough to take a vaccine, but trust them enough to overwhelm the hospitals when they’re dying of a preventable virus. Where are you located?

“You ain’t forcing me to put nothing in my damn body, that’s for sure.” – Nobody is forcing you to take the vaccine, so stop with the fear mongering. You’ll have to keep up with your dye job much more often if you want to work at Fox News and sling this bullshit the way they do. Here’s the truth. You won’t be forced, but as time goes by, society could choose what is best for society, and that may mean not allowing unvaccinated people into restaurants, movie theaters, sporting events, and even work places. You can remain unsafe and unvaccinated, but you may lose privilege’s along the way for not wanting to protect yourself AND your fellow citizen. If you don’t want to be a part of civilized society, go live in the woods.

“All ya’ll wanna say my body my choice, so I’m gonna live by that.” – I support your decision to make your own choices for your own body, but the way you’re using it is a false equivalency. If you go to the clinic to get an abortion, nobody in that waiting room is going to catch your abortion, but if you’re unvaxxed and unmasked, they might catch your virus you selfish twat.

“You try to send the cops to my house cuz I ain’t getting vaccinated? I’m sorry, weren’t you trying to defund them?” – Who the hell is sending cops to your house because you’re unvaccinated? I’m sorry, but your crazy cat lady neighbor does not represent everyone who doesn’t think like you do. And also, I know morons like to say defund the police means to get rid of them, so they can then paint anti-fascists as anarchists, but that’s in no way what it really means. You can literally do a Google search for “what does defund the police mean” and come up with a correct answer in the first result. Here, I did it for you.

“It’s time for God to take over, because that’s the only way this is getting fixed.” – Wait, so you WANT a theocracy in America? But only if it’s your religion in charge, right? Sorta like Afghanistan, but Christianity instead I assume? I mean, after all, the Taliban is basically right wing policies on steroids. For your sake as a woman, I hope that never happens because it will be YOUR rights they come for first.

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