Black Lives Matter

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Wait, I thought you called police officers blue lives. Anyway, you’re missing the point (on purpose, I suspect). The BLM movement is to bring awareness that black lives matter AS MUCH as any other life, which doesn’t seem to be the case when you look at the extraordinarily high rate of violence perpetrated against them by police.

Not all police are bad. The right loves putting words in the left’s mouth because it supports their narrative. If you’re a police officer murdering unarmed citizens, you’re a bad cop. If you stand by and watch as this happen, you’re culpable. If you know it’s happening and don’t report it, you’re certainly not a good cop. Look, I know sometimes it’s hard to stand up for right when you’re on the “inside”, because if you’re not on the inside, you’re on the outside just like the Mafia. But hell, when innocent people are dying, it’s time to grow a spine.

Sigh. Abortion. Oh lordy, they killing babies again. Listen, if you come up with a way to force a woman to continue a pregnancy she doesn’t want WITHOUT trampling her rights, we can talk. Until then, I’ll continue supporting women’s right to bodily autonomy, even if you won’t do the same for yourself.

The riots? The RIOTS?? LOL Come on lady. This has been studied. The BLM protests were largely peaceful, and when there was violence, it was often triggered by the police or from the counterprotests (that means your side). I mean, don’t take my word for it. Check the Harvard study here. But then again, those universities are just hotbeds of liberal indoctrination so it’s probably biased, right? You just go on watching Fox News play the same “BLM riot” clips over and over to keep your racism satiated.

I’ll give you the black conservatives one. There’s a group I’ll never understand. When I listen to political pundits spew racist rhetoric, or watch as Republican leaders pass restrictive voting laws they know will negatively affect minority communities, or defend systemic racism in law enforcement, I honestly wonder how they could align with the Right. But Stockholm Syndrome is a thing, so…

Aha, child trafficking by Democratic elites. Uh huh. All along I thought you were just an indignant racist, but now I think you’re bat shit crazy.

What do you think?

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