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The pot and the kettle

from walkaway

Welcome to crazy town folks, where their motto is “the Left is the ideology of the insane, lawless, immoral, and violent.”

Ha! I get a real kick out of this one. This post is about a George Floyd mural that was struck and destroyed by lightning. What you’ll find in this thread is what you’d expect; a little hatred, a sprinkle of guised racism, and bullshit dogma in the comments. Let’s have a look at a few.

It’s God’s way of telling us to quit worshiping a criminal.

I didn’t know meth was conductive.

You can’t make this stuff up! This is unbelievable yes I do believe it’s a sign from God!

It’s pretty rich that the Right is calling the Left all these things, but just like their chosen one, that’s how they deflect. They accuse the other side of doing EXACTLY what they are guilty of doing themselves. So let’s pick apart the 4 tenets stated of this Walkaway group.

1. Immorality. Somehow they think your life doesn’t matter if you’re a) black or b) a drug user and therefore your murder at the hands of police is justified. Would you consider that view moral?

2. Insane. You want to know what is insane? Refusing to comprehend a provable lie. I blame the religious influence in this country. I mean, if someone can make you believe in talking snakes and virgins giving birth, why wouldn’t you believe the ex-reality TV guy when he tells you he won the election in a landslide?

3. Lawless. Umm, so exactly how many paramilitary Left Wing groups are there versus Right Wing? Yeah, thought so.

4. Violent. Can I direct your attention to the Capitol insurrection on January 6th, 2021? Can you imagine if we had a Republican Congress? We’d be under a dictatorship right now and these traitorous dickheads would be happy about it.

You keep yelling louder, and pointing the finger at the Left for everything the Right does. But guess what? It doesn’t matter how loud you yell. You’re on the wrong side of history. Future citizens will look upon your ilk the same way people look back at the police officers who unleashed police dogs and fire hoses on Civil Rights protesters. In disgust.

What do you think?

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