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Lockdowns are the second holocaust

Wow, what a lunatic. Ok, so can all businesses open back up now, or did the Fourth Reich in California keep everything closed while they’re rounding people up?

Let’s agree to disagree about your cultic places of worship being the heart of family. If your Lord is your shepherd, doesn’t that make YOU sheep? But seriously, get a grip. The idea here was to limit/prevent crowds where the virus could propagate quicker. (concerts, sporting events, schools, churches, etc.) Can you not stop and think about another person and his/her safety for just one minute, or is it all about you all the time?

How are you being marked and punished? Are you referring to private companies that may require proof of vaccination? Well, you can thank the gay wedding cake case for making sure that any private company can refuse you service if you don’t abide by their policies. I am not even a little bit sad for you if this is the hill you wish to die on.

Fun fact about Hitler. He did attack the press the way 45 did by calling it lügenpresse, or lying press. Sounds familiar? (fake news) Yes, calling the media the enemy of the American public is straight out of the Nazi playbook. It’s fascinating how little self-awareness people can have. When you’re asked to do something to protect yourself and others you cry foul like you’re being persecuted. But muh rights! Meanwhile you enable and applaud the actions of a guy who was LITERALLY emulating one of the most reprehensible dictators of the 20th century.

What do you think?

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