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I won’t talk to CNN

What is hilarious about Mo Brooks basically calling CNN untruthful and dishonest is I am willing to bet his back bicycle tire he masturbates to Fox News.

Look, you’re allowed to dislike what you hear on CNN, and it’s always smart to fact check on your own because ALL media outlets lie. However, just because you don’t like something they said doesn’t mean it isn’t true, and that seems to be a real problem with the GOP and their alternative facts delusion.

If you research the amount of lies spewed by news anchors, CNN isn’t that bad compared to Fox News. The ranges I’ve found on various sites that try to quantify this data seem to indicate about 10 – 15% of what comes out of CNN is lies or half truths. Meanwhile, that number for Fox News is between 50 – 60%. I won’t link to a specific study because I found multiple, but don’t take my word for it anyway. Have a look for yourself and come to your own conclusions.

I’m sure you’ll go find yourself a study that confirms YOUR bias, maybe something that Trump said, and stick with that. Cuz, you know, if HE said it, it must be true. ?

What do you think?

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