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Not afraid of your virus

from byebyejob

Geez, this guy seems like such a sweetheart. Let’s unpack his message here.

He hates all Democrats. He explicitly says black lives don’t matter, then says all lives matter, which makes me believe to him ALL = WHITE, don’t you think? I mean, if you’re so triggered by someone saying [insert any group here] lives matter, doesn’t that say more about you and your feelings toward them than anything else? He’s also not scared of “your fucking virus” which means I guess he thinks Covid-19 doesn’t affect Republicans.

Apparently this was back in 2020, and I found some interesting updates on this guy at this page. In case you guessed wrong, this was not a bad day or an isolated incident. It looks like this guy has a lot of anger and hatred and keeps finding himself in trouble after continually making threats of violence against others.

Were you surprised to see the blue Trump flag waving in the truck bed in the background? Nah, neither was I.

What do you think?

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