Liberal logic collapsing

The only collapsing logic I’m seeing here is your own.

Body positivity is about body image and acceptance and challenging how pop culture defines ideal shape and size. It has nothing to do with your immune system. If you want to trust your own immune system and take a chance, then don’t get the vaccine. But you know what would be nice? If you thought of other people that you could potentially infect. It would be nice if you could think of other people for once.

As for acceptance, please refer to the Paradox of Intolerance. For a quick summary, it basically states that there are limits to tolerance, otherwise the intolerant will destroy society. So while liberals as a group are generally much more socially tolerant than conservatives, that doesn’t mean liberals have to tolerate the bigotry of the right to remain largely tolerant.

You call out liberals, but then say “your party”? What party are you referring to? Personally, I vote with my values, but I am not affiliated with any political party. Getting back to your generalization, what party tells black people they aren’t smart enough to get a voter ID card? You say an entire party says that? Source please.

That’s a great point about sending money and supporting countries that criminalize and suppress homosexuality, but what I don’t understand is why you’re making that a partisan issue when it’s both parties that do that. Unless you’re admitting all Republicans don’t support gay rights, and if that’s the case, why the heck do YOU support them in the first place? By your own logic, you should be a Democrat fighting for this to change, not aligning yourself with the very same US political party that is also vilifying homosexuality like these other countries.

I’m going to assume you’re little air quotes when you say “you’re the party” is Democrat, correct? You realize there’s different aspects of the party, right? Anyway, what “institutions” are you talking about, and are you telling me this is again an issue with just one party, or are you blowing smoke to try and make your team look good? And let’s be honest here. When you toss around accusations for things both parties support, it kind of makes you look like, well, an asshat.

Suicides from lockdowns? Is this an epidemic, because it’s the first I’m hearing of it. That’s sad if it’s true, but if you haven’t figured out the goal is to save the most people, then you’re never going to understand. Using your logic again, the alternative would be to never try and limit exposure and keep everything open. Ball games, concerts, movie theaters, all open. Now how many more people do you think could have died without trying to contain the spread of this virus?

You’re confusing body positivity with health, again. I’m sure others misunderstand this as well, and use it as an excuse to being unhealthily overweight. But let’s be clear about something. If death is going to happen from either of these things, heart disease will NOT kill you quicker than the virus will.

What do you think?

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