Are you vaccinated?

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Asking for vaccine status is NOT a HIPAA violation.

There’s no question the Tuskegee Experiments were racist and unethical, but you know what’s even more heinous? Comparing a potentially life-saving vaccine that was fast-tracked to combat a rampant virus that’s already killed MILLIONS worldwide to a deceptive program promising treatment for an infection while doing the exact opposite.

Cancer is not a virus, and while there’s lots of different kinds, many are treatable with early detection.

Correct. There’s currently no cure for HIV/AIDS, but guess what? With antiretroviral treatments the virus can be controlled allowing those infected to live a long and otherwise healthy life. Compare that to a diagnosis in the 1980’s which was a death sentence, so I’d say we’re doing pretty well there.

Not sure I believe you. Do you really respect that I received the vaccine? Would you respect the wishes of private companies requiring vaccinations if it prevented you from travelling, shopping, or dining out? 😀

What do you think?

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